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About Dr Shubhangee Ravindra Tiwari

Teaching English is more a passion and less a profession for her .A teacher every inch, Dr Shubhangee Tiwari had been a recipient of the third prize at All India Inter -University English Elocution Competition.
Her love for English and the intensity of the same was recognized internationally when she taught the pupils from several nations during her stay abroad . The special summer training for English teachers at CHESTER, ENGLAND added to the teacher in her .
Back home , ‘ teaching English ‘ occupied the major part of her life .During the long twenty -five year’s experience , she has not only taught the students from Germany , Switzerland and Czech Republic but also sent several deserving brains to USA, England, Scotland,Canada , Australia and New Zealand.
On the personal front , she felt rewarded when her daughter Gayatree scored 120/120 in TOFEL. Her students excelledin IELTS as well .
Apart from seminars , workshops , public speeches and classroom teaching , Dr Shubhangee Tiwari is looking forward to teach several unseen through this series of lectures !

Free Sample Lectures


Introduction – ओळख

C…P…T…बोले तो क्या

Five min for basics – इंग्रजी साठी पाच मिनिटे


English at length – सविस्तर इंग्रजी

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Student Testimonials

Daulat Lokhande

• Nice content • शिकवताना शब्दांच्या छटा फार फार आवडल्या. • Class संपल्यानंतर जर काही अडचण जाणवली तर मार्गदर्शन मिळेल का?

Rohidas Punamchand Gangwe

I have been trying to learn English for long and have gone through various options like “Spoken English”, reading and watching English news etc. but failed all the time. Since I have joined this class, I have got to know that there is no any other technique or option to learn the language than ‘The gayatree Self Study’.

Dr. Ganesh J. Shinde

• Learning was excellent. • Enjoyed all lectures. • We learned English in different style. • I would like to be in touch with madam for my further queries.

Er. Shriram Jahagirdar

It was really an enlightening experience throughout the session indeed.

Dr. Sanjot Kapse

इंग्लिश शिकणे ही खूप दिवसाची इच्छा होती. शुभांगी मॅडम ज्या प्रकारे शिकवतात, त्यामुळे इंग्लिश ची भीती गेली. मॅडम ची body language, शिकवण्याची पद्धत, यामुळे खूप गोष्टी नकळत शिकत्या आल्या. वर्गात बसल्या नंतर शाळेची आठवण येत होती. ह्या English class मध्ये इंग्लिशच्या चुका,गैरसमज दूर झाले. खूप लिहावेसे वाटत आहे पण मॅडमविषयी शब्द सुचत नाहीत.

Mrs. Manjiri Dhananjay Bramhapurkar

This was very great opportunity for me. I learned a lot, cleared very fine mistakes. आमच्या आयुष्यातील अविस्मरणीय ४ महिन्यांचा हा कालावधी. खूप खूप धन्यवाद, आम्हाला एवढ्या सहज आणि सध्या पद्धतीने वयाचे बंधन ही न जाणवू देता सर्व चुका सुधारून घेतल्याबद्दल आयुष्यभर कधीच विसरू शकणार नाही.

Arti S. Pangarkar

इंग्रजी सुरवातीला खूप अवघड जायचे पण शुभांगी मॅडम ने खूप चॅन शिकवले जेणेकरून अगदी छोट्या छोट्या चुका सुद्धा समजत गेल्या. माझ्या इंग्रजी च्या समस्या खूप होत्या त्या आता समजत गेल्या. त्यामुळे आता इंग्रजी ची आवड निर्मण झाली आहे. धन्यवाद मॅडम !

Vibhavari S. Bhalerao

Actually from 5th std, we are learning English language, but when Dr. Shubhangee ma’am started giving lessons of English, I came to know how learning of this language is joyful and enjoyable. Shubhangee ma’am taught English very skilfully and in a enjoyable manner. She is the great teacher. I got confidence in speaking English only due to shubhangee ma’am. I do not believe that at the age of 54 I can digest the learning of this great language from great teacher. Thank you ma’am.

Dr. Bela Nimbharkar

• Very nice, comfortable, easy way of teaching. • I have gain lot of confidence on my English language. • Thanks to our institute also for providing us a good teacher. • Thanks and love you madam.

Priyanka Ghorpade

I am happy to learn here. In my life the English class is my turning point. I improved my communication skill here and the English class is one of the best investment in my life. I really enjoy English class and thanks for Dr. Shubhangee madam given us opportunity to learn English. Thank you Dr. Shubhangee madam !!!

Vivek Chaudhari

The change in my perspective about English language before the class, I was very afraid to learn the language. Now I am confident to start the conversation in English. I am thankful to Mrs. Shubhangee ma’am for their contribution to change the direction of my life. I will always be grateful to you for the same. Thank you…!

Mr. Pravin Gautam Khandizod

English class was nice but I could not attend this class continuously but I really thanks Dr. Shubhangee mam. Dr. Hedagewar Hospital given me to learning new things about English language thanks for organization. Thank you.

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Teaching english is more a passion and less a profession for her .A teacher every inch, Dr Shubhangee Tiwari had been a recepient of the third prize at All India Inter -University English Elocution Competition.
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