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Why us

Why us…

  • One is always confused with lots of dos and don’ts in english. Present series of lectures. Will remove the clutter and confusion in your mind forever.
  • The sequence of points is extremely important while learning English. This series of lectures provides you the best possible sequence of points.
  • Practice is one of the most essential pre-requisite of learning English. It must be oriented in proper direction and in adequate amount. This series of lectures guides you through and through about the same.
  • One cannot learn English quickly. One cannot learn English without the study of grammar at length.

The logic in English is equivalent to that of mathematics and science. If you happen to understand it, you shall appreciate the language in the best possible manner!
Keep enjoying English!
Wish you all the best for the same!

For whom

1)  any and every pupil from seventh standard ( S S C, CBSC and ICSE) onwards
2) students preparing for competitive examination
3)  the employees working in private sector
4) especially for the teachers and the mothers -want-to-teach-children …

Who are you?

आम्हीच का ?

  • इंग्रजी शिकायचं म्हणजे नेमकं काय शिकायला हवय हा गोंधळ या लेक्चर सेरीजने कायमचा दुर होईल.
  • शिकताना मुद्द्यांचा क्रम अत्यंत महत्त्वाचा . त्या क्रमाची उत्कृष्ट मांडणी या व्हिडीओजमधे सापडेल.
  • नुसताच मुद्द्यांचा सराव नव्हे तर तो सराव योग्य त्या पद्धतीने आणि योग्य त्या प्रमाणातही व्हायलाच हवा. या सरावाबद्द्लही सविस्तर विवेचन वेळोवेळी सोप्या भाषेत करण्यात आले आहे .
  • इंग्रजी कुणालाही कधीही फटाफट येत नाही . व्याकरणाचा सविस्तर अभ्यास केल्याशिवाय इंग्रजी येत नाही .गणित आणि विज्ञानाच्या तर्कशुद्धतेइतकीच इंग्रजीही तर्कशुद्ध आहे . हे जाणुन घेतल्यास तुम्ही या लेक्चर सेरीजकडे योग्य दृष्टीने तर पहालच आणि भाषा म्हणून इंग्रजीचे रसग्रहणही उत्तम पद्धतीने कराल.

उत्तम इंग्रजीसाठी तुम्हाला खूप खूप शुभेच्छा !


1) एस एस सी, सीबीएस सी आणि आयसीएसई बोर्डातील सातवीपासुन पुढे कुठल्याही आणि प्रत्येक विद्यार्थ्यासाठी
2) स्पर्धात्मक परिक्षांची तयारी करणाऱ्यांसाठी
3) खाजगी क्षेत्रातील कर्मचाऱ्यांसाठी
4) विशेषतः शिक्षकांसाठी आणि आपल्या मुलांना घरीच इंग्रजी शिकवु इच्छिणाऱ्या आईसाठी

Who are you?

The results of competitive exams sometimes startle the top rankers of schools and colleges .A second class  performer gets through the examination  leaving behind those supposed top rankers. The secret lies in the way of preparation. Thorough and at length preparation of English  not only clears but also ensures   path way to the top.

Very first lesson to be learnt to prepare your English , is , to give more emphasis on  the basics of language . Dr Shubhangee Tiwari  has had a rich experience of students from different walks of life answering confidently that there are twenty-six alphabets in English ! Checking your basics must precede the preparation at advanced levels focusing  the technique of competitive examination adequately.

For those who understand the worth of sparing enough time to brush their English , here is Dr Shubhangee Tiwari who helps you through and through to put your basic English in order. Start your preparation long before you fill up the forms for the targeted competitive examination, by registering for the classroom training and know the options available.

Best of luck !


Scene One

Gone is the era to be proud by putting your kid in the most ‘prestigeous ‘ school in city !The nightmares of parent-teacher meet keep haunting…mums feel so unequipped with few English words at hand to communicate to the smart teacher , speaking English fluently at the other side of the table.

Scene Two

It looks so poor when you hardly understand and enjoy the jokes played in English…when the party is at its peak !

Scene Three

It makes you feel so embarrassed  when you fail to explain your daughter’s difficulties who is grade six !

Being non-communicative in English is simply unaffordable at educational  ,social and other fronts of life, specially for the woman ranging between 18 to 45.

Here is someone who takes you through the hurdles in English and changes you  into a confident mum and a smart woman .

To  bridge  the long academic gap, you may choose to register yourself for a week’s classroom training two hours a day. This should make you aware of the depth of English and help you to go further with your choice of duration and target. Needless  to  say the results will be proportional to input and capabilities of the students collectively .

The excitement of appointment in  either urban or suburban corporate house is immediately followed by the intense realization  of the fact that ENGLISH  is the language of business transactions, boardroom meetings and water- cooler gossip ! The poor communicator’s frustration mounts when the same  takes its toll and gets reflected in appraisal .

Not being able to use the simplest words in English, finding it difficult to assimilate corporate manners and   etiquettes  and  keeping away from the acceptable  body language are some of the problems which can be shortlisted at first. Practically this may lead to ineffective communication ,both , verbal  and written.

As the legends say, the corporate performance and academic merit will take a long way to go hand in hand. But the managers and the support staff can always  create  and take opportunities to undergo short and frequent training programs specially designed to meet their needs.

Find Dr Shubhangee Tiwari and prepare yourself to change the way you  used language, the way you presented yourself ,interacted with your team and bearing throughout the working day. The building and growing  confidence in employees yields the increased competency of the organisation and nothing else .

Dr Shubhangee Tiwari can be contacted at ………………..

Welcome to English Via Marathi.

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Teaching english is more a passion and less a profession for her .A teacher every inch, Dr Shubhangee Tiwari had been a recepient of the third prize at All India Inter -University English Elocution Competition.
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